handmade violas for sale

Here are the violas I have available, please click on the thumbnails for more information:

Please contact me for any further information, construction photos, and to arrange viewings.



Brescian Model Viola - 2012

This viola is made from a Brescian design c. 1610.

The sound of the viola is huge with a very wide dynamic range, even across all the strings, and of wonderful clarity.




thumbnailRod Ward model 2000

This viola has been in professional use since new. It has a large and lovely tone, and is easy to play.  The two piece back and matching sides show a broad and regular figure, and with the beautiful orange brown oil varnish it is a very attractive instrument.
Excellent condition.



Paolo Testore 1741

This is the third viola of this model I have so far made. All have been extremely successful, with very even sound over all the strings, great carrying power, and strong "C" strings. The sound these violas produce far belies the size the instrument.



Viola 2002

This is a very open sounding viola, based on a larger Gasparo da Salo model. Described by a well known professional player as " a concert instrument". 



Viola 1983

Beautiful Viola with an open carrying sound. The very attractive front was bought as part of a lot of six at Sotheby''s in 1981. The wood then was over 100 years old. The instrument has been in the possession of a now retired professional player since new. It is in excellent condition.



Benjamin Banks Viola

Very nice small Viola.  The front of this instrument is made from a retired maker''s stock I bought around 1986. It is of first class quality. This instrument has had one owner from new, and is in excellent condition.



Gasparo da Salo - Ashmolean

This striking instrument is based on the Gasparo da Salo in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.  This is very large viola with a large sound.  It has had one owner from new, and is now back in the workshop. It is sold with a fitted case.