Instruments For Younger Players

There has been, for many years, a problem for younger viola players in finding instruments of a playable size that have a true and full viola sound. Stringing violins with viola strings produces a very poor sound, as do cheap mass produced violas.

To overcome the very dispiriting effect of this situation on young players, the workshop has developed a viola designs that are both small, and possess all the qualities of a full viola sound. They are based on the very successful small Gasparo da Salo model that we have made for several years, and a recent Maggini model. They have all the double purfling and cloverleaf patterns that go with these models. These violas are built to the same very high standards as all other instruments from the workshop.

Because most players of this age will move on to a larger instrument in a few years time, these smaller violas are available at a very substantially reduced price to younger players, and can be part exchanged for a larger instrument as the player grows.

There are two models to choose from:  Gasparo da Salo model c. 1580, and a Maggini model c. 1610


Back length: Gasparo model : 375mm, 14 3/4", or 361 mm, 14 1/4".  Maggini model : 375 mm.

String length: Gasparo model : 338mm , 328 mm.,   Maggini model  343mm.

These instruments can be made to smaller sizes on request.

These violas are very suitable for violinists who need a "playable" viola.

Small size violins and cellos are also available on request.

"When Rod Ward first showed me his new 14 3/4" ( 375 mm ) Gasparo da Salo model viola, I was so impressed, I bought one immediately. What a delight it is to discover a small viola that is so easy to play, and with a sound that is comparable to a much larger instrument. These are a wonderful asset to the viola world, and are certainly the best instruments I have seen of this size."

Jacky Woods, London.