Buying an instrument of this quality is an important and personal decision, and deciding exactly what is right for each client takes time and consideration. If you are thinking of buying, or commissioning a new instrument, we recommend that you visit the workshop if possible. Here you can try an instrument, discuss all the finer points of what you need, and choose the materials for your new instrument from our large and growing stock of very fine and rare timber.

I am very happy to explain the process of making an instrument, what is involved, and how what choices, such as which pieces of wood to use, or which model might be suitable, are taken.

I usually photograph the the progress of a new instrument as it is made, and can send the the pictures to the client, and put them on a CD to go with the instrument.  Customers are welcome to visit the workshop and see the progress for themselves; this can be very useful, for example, at the stage of finishing the neck to make sure the instrument is exactly right for the individual comfort of the player.

Please contact me by phone or email to arrange a visit. 

 The time between ordering a new instrument and delivery is usually three to six months.



For new work, a deposit of £500 is normal, balance to be paid on completion of the instrument. Payment can also be made over an agreed period, interest free, by arrangement; these arrangements are always made to suit individual needs. 


Prices for commissioned instruments

 Violins: £8,500; Violas: £9,000; Cellos: £18,000.

Special price for small size instruments for younger players £4,500, £4,750, £10,500.

Please note that there is no extra charge for instruments with Baroque or Classical set-ups.


Purchasing already completed instruments

Payment is usually made in full after a trial period.


Payment for already completed instruments can also be made over an agreed period, interest free, by arrangement; these arrangements are always made to suit individual needs and circumstnces and can vary widely.


Certificates, guarantees and valuations

All Rod Ward instruments carry a lifetime guarantee for the ownership of the original purchaser.

Each new instrument has a unique Certificate of Authenticity, issued on purchase, together with a valuation for insurance purposes. Updating insurance valuations is free of charge.



I also offer to maintain any new instrument, with its original fittings, in good playing order for the length of the ownership of the original purchaser free of charge. This service covers checking soundposts, fingerboards and string heights, bridges and pegs.