Cello: Guiseppe Filius Andrea Guarneri 1692


Model :  After Guiseppe Filius Andrea Guarneri  1692

Built :    Late 2011

L.O.B. :    754mm

String length :   693 mm

Front :   Alpine Spruce with many Hazel Markings         

Back :    30 year old Pin Knot willow

Strings :            Pirastro Permanent

Fittings :            Rosewood

  Listen to music played on this cello
Elgar Elgar.1_cello_1





This magnificent cello has a one piece back of Pin Knot Willow with sides to match, and front with many hazel makings. This the second of three cellos to be made with this willow. The sound of the cello is strong and beautiful, and it has a wide dynamic range. Price £16,000


Check out the video of the cello being played here