Cellos for sale

Here are the handmade cellos currently available. Please click on the thumbnails for more information.

Please contact me for any further information, construction photos, and to arrange viewings.



Antonio Stradivari "Saveuse" 1726 model

This small full size cello is based on the "Saveuse" Stradivari of 1726. The original instrument was featured in " The Strad" magazine earlier this year. the cello has had one previous owner, who now has a later  Rod Ward cello





Guiseppe Filius Andrea Guarneri 1692


This magnificient cello has a one piece back of Pin Knot Willow with sides to match, and front with many hazel makings.  This the second of three cellos to be made with this willow. The sound of the cello is strong and beautiful, and it has a wide dynamic range.

The cello was used in a world premiere, played by Katarina Majcen, seated on the right in the video.

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